EGA Men's Fellowship
Elder Patrick Hayes

The Ebenezer Gospel Assembly Men's fellowship is a ministry to men of the church. Our aim is to build up one another through fellowship, as well as be a help to the overall ministry of the Church.


During the year we have functions going on that reach out to men. Every year we sponsor a Men's Conference not only for the men of our church but to churches in the surrounding areas.


We encouraged men about keeping watch over their Homes, Churches, Pastors and Communities.


It is our desire to see men fulfilling the destiny God has for them. We are the originators in Connecticut for the yearly Men Cook2 event. This is an event where we reach out to men through their stomachs and bragging rights for who is the best cook.


This is also a wonderful event where men from all denominations and backgrounds come together and have fellowship, laugh and have a great time. Come and join us in good Christian fellowship.


We also have brother –to- brother sessions where men come together and deal with our struggles as men, fathers, husband, and son’s brothers.